2018 Chinese Zodiacs - Year of Brown Dog Prediction

For Chicken people born in: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

ChickenDog Chinese Zodiac Chicken vs. 2018 Year of Dog

Chicken The 2018 predictions of Chicken Horoscopes for the Year of the Brown Dog is in the following. All predictions sounds like the horoscope relationships between Chicken and Dog. Actaully, we use the Chinese Five Element attributes inside the Chicken and Dog to interpret the connections. Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth, which are connected to the different natural phenomena. Sometimes, it will be much easier to understand the predictions using the environment object around us to explain the horoscope signs.

Your zodiac sign is from your Chinese Horoscope Birth Chart, which can be caluclated using your birthday and time. If your birthday is before February 4, then your zodiac sign is Monkey, not Chicken.


In Chinese Five Element theory, Chicken is Female Metal, which is jewelry, gold and precious stones. Dog is Male Earth, which is the mountain. Chicken and Dog together are the sign of a treasure mountain.

Chicken Month is September, the middle month of the fall. Therefore, Chicken is connected to the autumn or ripe fruits. Dog Month is October, the last month of the fall, the month before the winter. Corps of the farmland should be harvested completely and kept in the storage. Dog is connected to soon overripe fruits.

Chicken Hour is from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., this is the dinner time after hard-working. So Chicken is connected to food, rest, enjoyment and joyful time.

Chicken and Dog are neighbors in the farmland. Dog has a longer life and has more life experiences than Chicken. Dog can be the Chicken's advisor. Dog has a keen sense of smell and is a vigilant animal. Dog is loyal and brave, but also has a strong sense of responsibility. Dog can be the Chicken's bodyguard. In order to express gratitude, the chicken will reward the dog's hard work.

Chicken is Female Metal, which is also related to fog and lake. Dog is the mountain, which can block the flowing path of the fog. Staying around the mountain, fog has chance to become the rain dropping down to the mountain. Chicken and Dog together is just as a lake on the mountain. Lake can collect the rainwater. Water is the money to Dog. Chicken can bring money opportunity to Dog.

Chicken is Metal and Dog is in the Earth group. Earth is the mother element of Metal. Dog will provide protection, education and shelter to Chicken. Chicken is thoughtful, talented, romantic and pretty. Chicken pursuits its perfection and doesn't have big ambitious. Chicken just wants to enjoy the blessing of life. Too much caring, indulgence and expectation, Chicken will feel the pressure and want to escape the protection circle.


It’s time to work harder for the coming opportunities. Enjoy the fruits before they are rotten.

It’s time to work harder for the coming opportunities. Enjoy the fruits before they are rotten.


In Chinese zodiacs, Chicken and Dog have attraction relationship into Metal. Chicken is very attractive to the Dog. Your love relationship looks great. The good news regarding to love is coming to you.

If you are single, then just participate more social activities and you will be the focus in the group. If you are single male, do not rule out to try on older women. If you are a single woman, the gentleman you are looking for will appear around the Dog. But you will encounter a competitor. If you are a woman in love, you will have a closer relationship with your lover. You can consider going steady or the marriage. If you are married, you and your spouse will respect each other and have deeper love relationship.


Your money luck is very good. The opportunities are waiting for you. As long as you work hard, you must gain good rewards. Wood stands for your money. Wood is connected to spring. You will have better fortune in the spring. If you look for a business partner, then go to find the person born in the year of Tiger or Rabbit. They can help you to increase the wealth, when working and vesting together.


Fire represents your career. Dog is Male Earth and contains some Female Fire and Female Metal. Dog has a nickname in the astrology. It's called the Storage Room of the Fire. That implies your career opportunity hiding inside the Dog. You need to dig it out. Career fortune is there. You just need to put more efforts to pursue your goal. Then soon you can enjoy your achievement.


Your people relationship is good. If you want to improve your relationships, you still need to do something. Dog and Chicken have an attraction relationship. If you can ask Monkey to join your group, three of you will form a strong relationship of Metal. Monkey can be the person born in the year of the Monkey. Since Monkey is the Male Metal in the astrology. Therefore, Monkey is connected to your siblings, classmates, coworkers or same generation relatives. With them, you can often attend social activities to build more your people connections.


Chicken is Female Metal, which is connected to fog, slow flowing air, carbon dioxide or dirty air. Dog is Male Earth, which is mountain or alpine. Mountain can stop the air flow to become stagnated and unhealthy air. Therefore, you need to be mindful of the problem from the nose, bronchus, throat, lung and other respiratory system.

Air quality is important to your health. Suggest you to the lake, riverside, beach, park to enjoy the fresh air. Specially pay attention to the virus and the tumor problem.

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