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Chinese Horoscope Online site, www.chinesehoroscopeonline.com, is a free Chinese astrology web site. We simply give you our best astrology prediction program - The Rise and Fall Chart - for your entire life using the Five Element Balance theory. The value of Five Element Balance Chart is priceless. Today, if you ask a professional advice to improve your luck, then you might get the same answer. But that will cost you $100 or more. We just hope you enjoy reading our web pages like many others. We wish you come back often to visit us again and tell your friends about our free staff.

Many Chinese Horoscope sites mislead people the concept of Chinese astrology. Their sites use only 12  12 zodiac animal signs from the birth year to predict people's fortune. They determine the animal sign is by Chinese Lunar Calendar, not by Chinese astrology calendar. As a result, some people got the wrong idea for their zodiac signs for many years. Next, to use the birth year as the standing point can predict only people's personality in public and cannot foresee people's characteristic at home.  (more)

The reason for those sites cannot give people Chinese astrology birth chart is they don't know how.

It takes many years to learn well the Chinese astrology. Many people learning Chinese astrology for more than 40 years. Not too many spend time to learn the Chinese astrology calendar. It's even difficult to find Chinese fortunetellers can do the computer programming for Internet web site. We have these knowledge and would like to spend time to build the website here to share the secret of Chinese astrology with you. We wish we might inspire someone to learn the Chinese astrology. The world is changing (such as gay, transsexual...), the Chinese astrology interpretation method should be changing. We hope the next generation can develop a new way to bring Chinese astrology into new territory.

Chinese Horoscope Online focuses on astrology prediction for money, love, career, reputation and personality. All the Chinese astrology programs in the Chinese Horoscope Online are the essence from ChineseFortuneCalendar.com, which is our first website and was launched in January 28, 1999. It provides a free Chinese lunar calendar conversion, Chinese astrology, baby gender prediction, lucky baby name selection, love compatibility match, Feng Shui advice, finding lucky event days from Farmer's Calendar, auspicious wedding day selection, many Chinese culture articles and educational reading material for Internet visitors around the world.

All our products are developed by Master Tsai, who has a bachelor degree in Mathematics and master degree in Computer Science. Any question and our software or reports, you might ask him at mastertsai@yahoo.com