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Year of Rabbit

1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951,

1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011,

2023, 2035, 2047, 2059, 2071

(The cutoff date is in early February

- see Zodiac Year Cutoff.) 

Calm, composed, reserved, cautious, elegant, artistic, talented, friendly, popular, kind, and compassionate. Can be afraid of risks, conservative, self-indulgent, wary, and superficial.

Compatibility for Relationship or Business Partnership

Most Compatible With
Dog – will live in harmony with Rabbit.
Pig – will live in harmony with Rabbit.
Sheep – will have common interests in art or music to bond with Rabbit.

Most Incompatible With
Dragon – Rabbit cannot tolerate Dragon’s demanding and arrogant personality.
Horse – will have constant conflicts with Rabbit.
Rat – may seem too irritable or critical for Rabbit to get along.
Rooster – may seem too selfish for Rabbit to tolerate.



   Born in Zodiac Year 1951


Metal Rabbit



Fate Analysis

Like to plan well before taking action. Sometimes tend to be passive or lack of actions because you over analyze or worry too much. So can be busy thinking but have little actions. Like to be direct and speak your mind. Amicable and willing to make peace with others even if you need to give up your benefits a bit. Can easily survive in different environments.

Will not be close to your parents, siblings or relatives, and will not depend on them. Like to be alone and to live a peaceful and eventless life. Also will not be close to your spouse and children as it is your nature to be happily solitary.

Will work hard when young but have no or little ambition. Prefer to run a small business, or have a steady 9-to-5 job for a long time. Will be reliable and responsible. Will gradually build your seniority and authority as time goes. Can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable retirement.

Recommended Career Choices Based On Five Elements
1st Choice: Wood
2nd Choice: Water or Fire
See Career By 5 Elements for details.


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