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Year of Dragon

1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952,

1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012,

2024, 2036, 2048, 2060, 2072


(The cutoff date is in early February

- see Zodiac Year Cutoff.) 


Talented, ambitious, vigorous, vital, proud, dignified, sincere, sensitive, direct, brave, loyal, and not easily deceived. Can be intimidating, over-bearing, demanding, arrogant, eccentric, impetuous, and overly anxious.


Compatibility for Relationship or Business Partnership

Most Compatible With
Rat – will have great admiration for Dragon.
Monkey – Will be a complement to Dragon.
Rooster – Will live in harmony with Dragon.

Most Incompatible With
Dog – cannot put up with Dragon’s demanding and arrogant nature.
Dragon – cannot stand the arrogant of other Dragon.
Ox – Ox’s stubbornness do not mix well with Dragon’s arrogant.
Rabbit – cannot put up with Dragon’s demanding and arrogant nature.



   Born in Zodiac Year 1964


Wood Dragon



Fate Analysis

Easy-going and layback. Will have sufficient money and food. May be uncertain about your passion or your career choice when young. And may not have much achievement at this age due to undecided goals.

Middle-age can be your turning point. As you mature and become more experienced, you will be more focused on finding the right path. It may take the next twenty years to build a successful career or business of your dream. During that time, life will be busy but fulfilling. You will be motivated and high-spirited in this endeavor.

May not have a close relationship with your spouse and children, as your authoritarian nature may make people respect you but stay away from you as well.


Recommended Career Choices Based On Five Elements
1st Choice: Fire
2nd Choice: Wood or Earth
See Career By 5 Elements for details.


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