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Year of Rabbit

1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951,

1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011,

2023, 2035, 2047, 2059, 2071

(The cutoff date is in early February

- see Zodiac Year Cutoff.) 

Calm, composed, reserved, cautious, elegant, artistic, talented, friendly, popular, kind, and compassionate. Can be afraid of risks, conservative, self-indulgent, wary, and superficial.

Compatibility for Relationship or Business Partnership

Most Compatible With
Dog – will live in harmony with Rabbit.
Pig – will live in harmony with Rabbit.
Sheep – will have common interests in art or music to bond with Rabbit.

Most Incompatible With
Dragon – Rabbit cannot tolerate Dragon’s demanding and arrogant personality.
Horse – will have constant conflicts with Rabbit.
Rat – may seem too irritable or critical for Rabbit to get along.
Rooster – may seem too selfish for Rabbit to tolerate.



   Born in Zodiac Year 1987


Fire Rabbit



Fate Analysis

Will have an active and energetic life. Curious and tempted to experience new things. Smart, creative and like to day dream. Most of the time, you are not under pressure, so will be relax and easy going. Tend to mix work and pleasure, and often not finish what you start out to do.

Life may seem busy as you like to pursuit your many interests. But you may not reach your potential in your career as you may not be determined or focused to reach your goals. Luckily, there will be many opportunities available so that you can still be self-sufficient, and no need to worry about money.

For women, tend to be quiet or introverted. For both men and women, life is blessed with peace and luck.
Recommended Career Choices Based On Five Elements
1st Choice: Fire
2nd Choice: Wood or Earth
See Career By 5 Elements for details.


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