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2018 - Year of Dog
2017 - Year of Chicken


2018 is Year of the Dog and it will arrive on February 4, 2018. But Chinese New Year Day is on February 16, 2018. This is because Chinese New Year is from Chinese Lunar calendar. Chinese Zodiac signs are from Chinese Astrology Calendar.

The Year 2018 is the 4715th Chinese year. It's a Brown Dog year.

Chinese New Year at Forbidden City

What Is Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Sheng Xiao 生肖 (“birth resembling” literally) is also known as Chinese Zodiac. 12 animals, each with unique characteristics, were chosen to represent the years. Every person born in the year of the assigned animal is said to have personalities and traits resembling that animal. The 12 animals in Chinese Zodiac are: Rat 鼠, Ox 牛, Tiger 虎, Rabbit 兔, Dragon 龍, Snake 蛇, Horse 馬, Sheep 羊, Monkey 猴, Rooster 雞, Dog 狗, and Pig 豬. For Chinese Astrology and Horoscope analysis, the 12 zodiac animals are also assigned to the month, day and hour. Read More About Chinese Zodiac for details.

This site provides the zodiac analysis of personality, compatibility, fate, and career choices. It describes how you perceive yourself, or how others perceive you at a glace. Although it may seem very general, its purpose is to provide the tendency of your perfections and flaws, friends and foes, and the future trend.

Origin of Chinese Zodiac


The history of Chinese Zodiac can be traced back two thousand years ago to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). As most of the people were illiterate in ancient China, 12 animals that influenced people’s life the most were chosen to represent the 12 time periods of a day as they were easier to use than the official terms (see More About Chinese Zodiac). Then, the use of the 12 animals to represent the hour also applied to the day, month, and year. As a year representation, the animal sign changed around the Chinese Lunar New Year, and people born in that year are said to have personalities resembling that animal.

Why Tiger and Dragon were chosen? Read Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
Why not Cat? Read The Legend of Chinese Zodiac.

Solar vs. Lunar – The Biggest Misconception About Chinese Zodiac

You may find many websites about Chinese Zodiac. But you may not know most of them have a common mistake of using Lunar New Year to determine a person’s Zodiac Animal. The result will be wrong for people whose birthday is around the Lunar New Year, which is in January or February. So it is important to know that Chinese Zodiac is based on Solar Terms節氣, not Lunar New Year. Read Chinese Zodiac Year Cutoff to learn more.

What Is Your Zodiac Animal

Did you know it is more common for Chinese to ask “what is your Zodiac Animal” than “how old are you”? It is a much more polite way to ask, and it is more acceptable when asked. You may be surprised that people are willing to tell you his/her Zodiac Animal but not the age, even though we know it is very easy to look up the Zodiac Animal and figure out the age – unless someone looks more than 12 years younger or older than his/her age. Give this a try next time.


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